WhatsACU.com is a new service from Banzai™, the award-winning, online financial literacy program, which will help you teach Gen-Y what makes CUs different. Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

  • Co-branded Website:  Teach them what makes you different.
  • Online Video:  Entertain them using video that tells your story.
  • Articles and Content:  Help them make educated decisions.
  • Lesson Plans and Quiz:  Engage students in classroom settings.

No, seriously. We teach financial literacy in the classroom. We know you have the same goal. So why not combine our efforts to buck the trend of financial illiteracy? We'd like to say thanks to the credit union community by providing you a website at no cost.

The biggest obstacle in reaching young teens is helping them learn what a credit union is. Do they know you offer the same services as a bank? Do they know you have their best interests in mind? WhatsACU.com will help you answer their questions. It will start a conversation so they can see the benefits.

WhatsACU.com will create positive relationships with youth in your area. Your CU logo will be right on the web page. It also comes with your own customized URL. You will begin life-long relationships with youth in your area as they make important financial decisions. You will be there when they need you.

Your commitment to the community is the biggest factor in members choosing you over your competitors. WhatsACU.com gives you another way to show that you are going above and beyond.

Banzai teaches young people to become wise stewards of their money using web-based financial literacy. It has been used in over 2,500 schools in all fifty states. Banzai offers a comprehensive financial literacy solution to help credit unions effortlessly strengthen their relationships with local educators while building strong brand recognition with students.

Join the many credit unions already using WhatsACU.com